Club Development

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There is a meeting at Dallington Gym 6th March 2017 for the latest development plans.


8pm start for the people involved.



Below are the latest updates on the club development.

A full development plan has been completed covering actions for the next 4 years. The overall objective is to ensure the club’s objective of ‘Safe Soccer’ for is maintained from the moment those kids enter the club at Under 7 level right through to Under 18 and then on into adult football. The plan covers the following categories:

      Growth & Retention


      Raising Standards


      Better Players


      Running the Game


      Workforce Development


      Facility Development




      The club is discussing options with a number of adult clubs on the best way to provide a pathway into a strong standard of adult football beyond their time with Kingsthorpe Jets


      We are seeking to build stronger links with organisations in the local community


      The club will soon be seeking to upgrade it’s Chartered Standard to Development Club level


      We are reviewing the ideal team structure and numbers within each age category


      A review is to be conducted of how we embed Respect within training sessions and the code of conduct for players, managers and parents


      An induction process developed for new managers to ensure that the club’s ethos is maintained


      The club is looking at the best way to enhance the skills of it’s players and it’s coaches


    We are looking at enhancing our volunteering strategy to build the club’s workforce further